Electrocautery Removal of Flat warts
Electrocautery Removal of Deep Warts
Electrocautery Removal of Syringoma
Electrocautery Removal of Skin Tags
Electrocautery Removal of Moles

Electrocautery or Thermal Cautery removal of warts, syringomas, skin tags or moles is available in the clinic. Topical anesthesia is applied before the procedure to minimize the pain and discomfort. In Electrocautery, high frequency current flows from the electrosurgical unit through a small active electrode applied to the tissue, and back to the electrosurgical unit through a second, larger return electrode. With Thermal Cautery, however, no current flows through the patient. The tip of the cautery instrument becomes heated by the passage of an electric current through a high resistance wire. The heat transferred from the tip by conduction coagulates the tissue.