Carbon Laser

(For Large Pores, Black Heads & White Heads, Dark Pigmentation Wrinkling and Sagging skin)

Carbon Laser Facial is a great way to get smooth, firm and younger looking skin. The carbon powder used has a strong absorptive ability which absorbs dirt deep in the pores. It is used to eliminate sagging skin, get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, shrink the pore size, eliminate blackheads and whiteheads; and even out dark patches on the skin to acquire glowing complexion.

The procedure includes the application of carbon powder on the skin and allowed to penetrate into the pores. The powder is then removed by means of the laser’s energy transmission. This breaks the carbon into pieces, breakdown dirt and oil in the epidermis. This procedure stimulates skin cell and collagen fiber renewal and elastic fiber repair using the skin’s natural repair function.