Dermapen Stem Cell

Dermapen Cell Therapy System (For Wrinkles, Fine Lines, Pigmentations, Age Spots & Sun Spots)

SWISS APPLE Cell Therapy System
In 18th-century Switzerland, a rare type of apple tree was cultivated. Its apples, called Uttwiler Spätlaube, are known for having a remarkably long shelf life. The apples are rich in phytonutrients, proteins and long-living cells. A novel technology has now been developed enabling the cultivation of rare and endangered species like Uttwiler Spätlauber. Taking advantage of the health and beauty benefits of Uttwiler Spätlaube, Rederm’s Swiss Apple Cell Therapy System.  This unique formulation increases the longevity of skin cells, resulting in skin that has a more youthful and radiant appearance.


Cell Therapy has been proposed as a powerful tool in the treatment of several human diseases, both for their ability to represent a source of new cells to replace those lost due to tissue injuries or degenerative diseases, and for the ability of produce trophic molecules able to minimize damage and promote recovery in the injured tissue. Different cell types, such as embryonic, fetal or adult stem cells, human fetal tissues and genetically engineered cell lines, have been tested for their ability to replace damaged cells and to restore the tissue function. REDERM’s Amniotic fluid-derived Cell Therapy are considered a novel resource for cell therapy, due to their high renewal capacity, and the ability to differentiate in tissues derived from all the three embryonic layers.