Athena Light Laser

Athena Light Laser (E-YAG Q-Switched Nd:Yag Laser)
(For Tattoo, Lip Line, Birthmark & Nevus of Ota Removal)

We suggest the use of the Rederm’s Athena Light Laser to remove birthmarks, moles, hyperpigmentation and tattoos. This laser was designed to target various types of pigment in the skin, and can achieve significant lightening of pigmented lesions and tattoos. Patient will need several treatments with E-YAG laser to achieve optimal results. The number of treatments will depend on the specific issue you are looking to address and the size of the treatment area.

Treatment of hyperpigmentation issues, like dark spots caused by sun damage, may produce a dramatic improvement after just one session. Laser tattoo removal, on the other hand, may require as many as 20 sessions to break down most of the ink pigment, depending on the size of the tattoo, and its colors.